Updating your website can be a costly and time-consuming effort, which is why many business owners put it off, indefinitely, if they can. However, user expectations shift as the market changes. So, if your website doesn’t perform on par to the other smoothly operating, high tech sites that your target market enjoys, it may actually hinder your online sales, both in the short and long term.

Why? Because nobody likes a slow, chunky, unprofessional looking website. It makes the business appear amateur, and less trustworthy. In other words, the website sucks!

How do you know when it’s become painfully obvious that your website needs an update?

Here are 7 signs your website sucks:

  1. Bounce. There are many things in life that we want to have a good bounce to, like basketballs. However, when it comes to websites, the bounce rate should be as low as possible. The lower the bounce rate on your website, the more people are actually sticking around and checking it out when they land on it. Reasons for an increased or high bounce rate include: a) Shifting of keyword meaning resulting in attracting a different audience, and/or b) Your website feels aged and users don’t see it as an authoritative source
  2. Conversion. The conversion rate of a website is the percentage of users that convert into customers. Standard conversion rates vary, however, if you notice that yours have been falling, it’s a good sign that you might need to update your website. Google analytics is a good place to start to see where in your website the conversion rate starts to fall, so you can stop the leaking of customers directly at the problem spot or area.
  3. Demographics. If your demographics shift, so do their expectations, whether it’s in layout, color, appearance, or functionality; it’s your job to make sure that your website updates with your demographics in order to stay current in your target audience market range. Keeping an eye on the age, sex and location of your audience, as well as, what devices they are using, will show you a great deal of who your consumers are, and how you can best cater to their needs.
  4. Dated. Sometimes, numbers may not give you the full picture. If looking at a competitor’s site makes you jealous, that may be your gut instinct telling you that it’s time for a website make-over. The best-looking sites are usually the top visited sites, and although it may cost you a pretty penny, the result is a phenomenal looking website, which is your modern-day storefront. In the end, you want your website to stand out for its polished look and great features, not its washed out, dated look, with sluggish and old features.
  5. Changes. Companies are often changing with the times, and that is definitely a good time to update your website to match your company’s new name, logo, message and theme. Even if you’re only changing a seemingly small thing, like your marketing strategy, that too has to be reflected in and influence your website. Otherwise the transition from your website to your social media accounts, or even to your brick and mortar location, can be jarring – and that is never good.
  6. Product. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than filling out all their information on an order form on your website, only to learn that you are out of the product they wanted. Be sure to keep your website updated on all inventory, and current on all product news and changes. This way, customers will know right away if you’ve made any alterations, and what they should expect when they place an order.
  7. Flash. Unfortunately, Flash is one of those things that the market has moved on from due to security risks. Many browsers won’t even support it. If you are using it on your website, the majority of your users will not be able to see several, if not all, of the key components on your site. Also, even if a potential consumer manages to use a browser that does support it, Google cannot search the items within Flash, which means any information, text, or graphics located in the Flash section will be poorly ranked on Google. This matters because it will affect the overall SEO rating of your site, resulting in less clicks and conversions.

And now, for the million dollar question: Does YOUR website suck?

If you’re still not sure, or worse, you know it does but you don’t know how to fix it, contact us. First impressions are important, and your website is the first thing a customer sees when looking at your business online. NetScribed can help you create a modern, professional, beautiful website that ties into the theme and message of your business.