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NetScribed was founded in 2011 by a published author and well versed social networker, Annette Palmer. Annette has been designing websites and newsletters for small businesses in Southern California since 2007. In 2011, Annette appeared as a recurring guest blogger for Soovox, and has since gone on to write for and maintain several blogs. Annette’s passion for writing and technology have also made her a force in the social networking arena where she communicates with hundreds of followers every day.

When Annette started NetScribed in 2011, her goal was to help small business owners gain a foothold in the complex and ever changing world of social media. Annette follows social media news outlets very closely and applies all of the latest resources into her work.

With over four years of small business experience, Annette is well adept at understanding where her customers are coming from and what their needs are in the way of social media and social marketing.

Through NetScribed, Annette is able to offer a wide array of services, at reasonable prices, because she knows just how hard a small business owner has to work to make a profit. Annette’s goal is to integrate her skills with your business model, enhancing your services, without changing your company’s mission.

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