Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. We have become both the audience and the producers of incredible amounts of content that it is always being shared around the world at lightening fast speeds.

However, social media has also given us an a warped sense of time because everything seems to happen so fast in the world wide web. Businesses and influencers are constantly being lead to believe that social media marketing is only worth the investment if it immediately has big results.

Unfortunately, we have all been led to believe these six myths that are simply not true about social media marketing:

  1. If it’s not viral, it’s not worth it. Just like with any marketing plan, it’s all about the long haul. Just because one post, or even the first one hundred posts don’t go viral, doesn’t mean your efforts were not successful. The best social media campaigns can stand the test of time, provide unique content from interesting perspectives and help you grow your audience organically, instead of in unpredictable, and unreliable bursts.
  2. Older customers don’t use social media. Over half of the population over the age of 50 uses Facebook, and more and more seniors are growing accustomed to using the latest tech devices and social media platforms. Your future clients are not determined by age, but rather by the limits you place on yourself.
  3. Google+ is a bad social media network. It’s not bad, it’s just not a social media network, period. It’s genius lies in the fact that when anyone searches for something in Google, the results include social endorsements made by the +1 clicks from the user’s Gmail contacts. Therefore, the more customers you have in your Google+ profile, the more of a measurable result it will offer.
  4. Twitter is for the big fish. It’s actually a big fish in and of itself that swims in a sea of it’s own making and flows out into other proverbial bodies of water. Using Twitter is a kind of art form for those who do not have millions of followers. You need make your tweets timely, relevant to your audience, and not be so focused on self-promotion. Simply by having someone read or like or retweet your tweet, you are actually being promoted, so make the content focus on something you care about rather than solely on yourself. Hashtags are also helpful, so be sure to use them.
  5. Facebook advertising doesn’t bring in customers. Facebook advertising is no different than tweeting or posting on Instagram. When done right, it can increase your social footprint, drive customers to your website and encourage new and returning customers to your products. It’s all about putting out the right message and targeting the best audience for your business goals.
  6. Facebook needs frequent posts. Social media is always about quality over quantity. Posting more than once a day on Facebook is probably too much an could actually have a negative affect. Instead focus on making your posts, unique, memorable, timely and engaging. Always include photos or videos, links, or other ways that encourage someone to actually stop and spend some time on your post instead of just scrolling past it.

Social media marketing is a lot like commercials on television. Those that stand out tend to get more attention, while the others are just filler while we get our drink before the show comes back on. Make sure that whatever social network you use, your content stands out and isn’t just the filler between the other posts that do.